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Goodbye Donor Management System. Hello Supporter Engagement Platform™.

Why do we say "Supporter Engagement" and not "Donor Database"?

Because we believe your database is a home for all supporters of your cause, not just current donors. Through our software, you’ll be able to cultivate supporters into lifelong donors—think volunteers, members, event participants.

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Totem Terrains

Alpine Management

Databases are a lot like libraries—without a clear organizational plan for everyone to follow, chaos reigns supreme. Our supporter management platform provides the friendly-yet-stern librarian you need to ensure that your shelves are clean and your books are in order.

Pinecone Insights

The ability to turn raw data into actionable information is what sets apart the most successful nonprofits from the rest of the pack. With our powerful reporting engines and analytics services, we handle the complicated stuff so that you can spend less time looking for insights and more time using them.

Evergreen Operations

From coordinating volunteers to launching a fundraiser or simply just staying in touch with supporters, our forest of solo applications deliver the user-friendly interfaces and simple data flows your operations need to keep things running smoothly, both at the office and in the field.

Grassroots Engagement

Whether you're trying to reactivate old supporters, grow current ones, or attract fresh faces from a sea of competition, keeping everyone interested and engaged is no easy task. We make things simple with our engagement tools, which give your fundraising and outreach efforts the structure and direction they need to be efficient, effective, and measurable.

Consulting Services

Now that you have all the pieces, how do you put them into action? If you struggle with getting all the things done or wear too many hats, we can be your extra team member. With our unique data-centered approach, we can make sure no supporter gets left behind.

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Our Partners

Team Totem

Alan Wei

Alan is an entrepreneur and product development specialist. He has an uncanny ability to connect the dots between insights and software needs—then builds products in a way that empowers the user and makes their life easier. His mission is to help the helpers. He is an original founder of Team Totem and as might be expected, holds a degree in Computer Science and a minor in Entrepreneurship from the University of Virginia.

whiz-kid CEO and creating extra SaaS-y tech

Relationship Foundation because dads are cool and couples are important

PJ Harris

PJ is an entrepreneur and corporate lawyer who wears many hats for Totem. With his expertise and love for volunteering, he saw a deep need to help nonprofits optimize the process of giving at scale—to create a platform that makes the work of the nonprofit sector as efficient and effective as possible. So, he assembled the founding Team Totem in 2015 as means to do just that. As a Charlottesville native and “Double Hoo,” PJ earned his English and subsequent Law degree at the University of Virginia.

serial volunteer for all the nonprofits

Big Brothers Big Sisters; Tom Tom Founders Festival Youth Summit speaker; Entrepreneurial Law Clinic at UVA Law and Community Investment Collaborative instructor; pro bono contributor to Charlottesville Legal Aid Justice Center; Board Member for several nonprofits

Sylvia M Mallory

Sylvia is a creative entrepreneur, content strategist, and writer. After receiving her BFA in directing from Ohio University, she worked at non-profit regional theatres for over 12 years as a writer, director, and producer. She eventually made her way to non-profit marketing teams specializing in digital and content strategy. Sylvia loves to tell stories and the many ways they can be told. By working with Totem, she's able to help organizations tell theirs that inspires their people to action.

showing up wholeheartedly to help you tell your story

development and committee member at Safe Harbor located in the greater Richmond, VA area; founder and now emeritus co-chair of the Intersectional Wonder Womxn Art Show; personal philosophy: when women support women, amazing things happen

Megan Cox

Megan comes to Totem with a background in nonprofit fund development, healthcare business development and strategy. Through her first-hand experience with the many donor management and fundraising obstacles nonprofits face, Megan was compelled to join Team Totem to make a difference through her work. Megan earned a masters in Healthcare Administration from Suffolk University and dual bachelor degrees from Texas A&M. She also holds a certificate in Leadership and Organizing for Change.

meeting all the wonderful people in the world and bringing communities together with her big Texan heart

The Junior League of Richmond + all initiatives related to girl power and social determinants of health

Josh Bosarge

Josh is a sales and marketing specialist with experience in marketplaces spanning the startup community. He intuitively connects with clients through creativity and understands their unique needs which has led to a successful career in building companies. Josh enjoys working in the arts, jamming out punk vocals, and learning all things true crime series.

fighting bad CRMs that don’t work one sales call at a time

The Trevor Project - Saving Young LGBTQ Lives

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