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Our software tools and related services transform how organizations engage their networks through events management, fundraising, volunteer organizing, and social networking


Organizing people can be a major challenge. Totem simplifies the logistics around communal engagement, offering organizational tools that allow you to spend more time on working with your network to do the things that matter.


Quick and simple communication is a necessity when it comes to growing an active network. Totem offers a range of communication tools to provide and support communication channels with and among your network.


Good practice is informed by good information. From basic information on network members to multilayered usage patterns, our tools are designed to capture as much relevant information as possible.


Implementing events can be tricky without the proper tools. Our solutions are specifically designed to ease the pains of orchestrating and attending events across networks both big and small.


Giving back is the hallmark of an engaged network. Our simple and quick fundraising tools enable your followers to raise money for your organization through social and customizable fundraising campaigns.


The ability to make sense of complex data is what sets apart the most successful organizations. Totem works closely with clients to convert network engagement data into insightful and actionable information.

how to engage

Totem’s software tools were designed with one purpose in mind: make engaging with your organization as fun and simple as possible


accept payment from credit cards from anyone, anywhere


sign-up for, and purchase tickets to attend, in-person network events


give time to support the organization in its effort to make a difference


Spread the word on what the organization is doing across social media


web platform

With our main web platform, it's never been easier to engage your network. Offering the full suite of tools, you'll never miss anything as you work to spend less time on logistics and more time on what you really want to do - make some impact.

our web app

iOS platform

Stay connected with our iOS app and leverage the same tools you've become accustomed to on the web platform, engaging with your favorite campaigns anywhere, anytime. You won't miss a thing as you enjoy the convenience of being at the forefront of what's happening around you.

our ios app

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